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Affordable Pressure Washing in Ellijay, Georgia

Looking for Power Washing in Ellijay Georgia? We can help! At North Georgia Aqua Pros we're experts at all things pressure washing. Finding a Pressure Washing Company near Ellijay
can be difficult because there are so nearby power washing companies - you don't know who is good or who is not. Our power washing equipment is state of the art; safe for all types of house siding while being strong enough to remove dirt, grime and moss over a decade old! We're locally owned and operated in Gilmer County, GA.

Residential Pressure Washing

Learn how important it is to keep your home clean with a residential pressure washing company.

Commercial Pressure Washing

Having a clean business can help attract more customers. Learn how a local pressure washing company can help.

Pressure Washing Service Area

Living in North Georgia? Find out which towns and cities we offer our pressure washing services in.

Communities we service in North Georgia

We are thrilled that we get to serve so many people in the North Georgia area. Do you live in the area but are unsure if we service your town? Below you'll see our full list of towns we service. Check it out to see if Nort Georgia Aqua Pros can help where you live.

  • Calhoun

  • Cartersville

  • Gainesville

  • Hiawassee

  • Jasper

  • Canton

  • Woodstock

  • Buford

  • Ellijay

| Residential Power Washing in Georgia

Residential Pressure Washing

You live a happier life if you love where you live. Your home is your castle as they say. But perhaps there are things about your property that made you wish it had more curbside appeal. Home renovations can be quite expensive, and not everybody has the time for endless yard work. Luckily, there's an easier way to get the property of your dreams.

At North Georgia Aqua Pros, it is our goal to help people get the properties that make them the happiest they can be. How do we do that? Without amazing pressure washing services of course. We provide a variety of residential pressure washing services meant to give your property the makeover it needs to make you happy to live where you do.

If you want to raise the curbside appeal of your property, you can trust the pros to take care of it.

  • House Washing

  • Fence Cleaning

  • Concrete Cleaning

  • Roof Cleaning

  • Deck Cleaning

| Commercial Power Washing in Georgia

Commercial Pressure Washing

Being a business means being on top of a lot of things in order to succeed. With so many things to worry about, we get that running a business is stressful. But when it comes to pressure washing, you can take it easy for a change and trust the pros at North Georgia Aqua Pros.

We provide many excellent commercial pressure washing services to take care of with any pressure washing need you have. From Post-construction clean-up to building cleaning we've got your business covered for whatever it needs.

  • Building Cleaning

  • Graffiti Removal

  • Dumpster Pad Cleaning

  • Post-Construction Clean-up

Our Services

We Provide Pressure Washing Services

House Washing Near Me

We offer house washing as part of our residential pressure washing service.

Fence Cleaning Near Me

Have a dirty fence surrounding your house? Let us pressure it for you.

Concrete Cleaning Near Me

Concrete can get dirty, but it's nothing our pressure washing team can't handle.

Roof Cleaning Near Me

We can make your roof shine under the sun with our pressure washer.

Deck Cleaning Near Me

Have a dirty deck or porch? Let us help you get it cleaned for your next BBQ.

Building Cleaning Near Me

A clean building will help create a better experience for your tenants.

Dumpster Pad Cleaning Near Me

We will pressure wash your dumpster to remove all the dirt and grime.

Graffiti Removal Cleaning Near Me

Let us deal with the vandalism on your property with our pressure washer.

Clean-Up Near Me

We can clean-up after you and pressure wash your property after.


What Our Customers Say About Us

North Georgia Aqua Pros did a great job with pressure washing our fence and driveway. Definitely recommend them if you're living in the North Georgia area.




I had to get the walls of my low-rise building pressure washed. The walls were filthy and filled with graffiti from years of disregard. They did a great job!



Business Owner

Phillip and his team did amazing job pressure washing the roof and the walls of my home in Georgia. 10/10 would recommend them to anyone.




Have Some Questions For Us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you work with commercial clients?

You bet we do. A point of pride for us is that we are able to guarantee the same amazing quality of pressure washing services, regardless of the kind of property it is. For residential and commercial pressure washing, you are in good hands with North Georgia Aqua Pros.

Question: Is that black stuff on my roof really not dirt?

Well, of course we can't be exactly sure without taking a look for ourselves. However, the likely answer is that it's not dirt, but a fungus. And you are not alone; this is a common issue in the Southeast. Due to factors like weather, humidity, and temperature, your roof becomes the ideal spot for build-up to grow, like mold, but also other things like algae and lichen. This can be harmful to the longevity of your roof, but also to the health of your household. Luckily, roof cleaning provides a quick, easy, and affordable solution to this problem. If you spot black stuff on your roof, don't hesitate to call North Georgia Aqua Pros.

Question: What's soft washing?

Soft washing is an alternative method of cleaning. Why need a different method? Well, pressure washing is great at cleaning almost every surface. However, due to how powerful the torrents of water are that the pressure washing produces, it isn't the best way to clean surfaces that are a little more sensitive, like your roof for example. Excessive amounts of pressure could damage your roof, which means costly repairs. To clean your roof the optimal way, we use a soft washing method of cleaning. Instead of pressure, it relies on a mild detergent to clean your roof the optimal way without causing any damage to it.

Question: Are your cleaning methods or chemicals environmentally safe?

Absolutely they are. All our jobs are done by our crew of pressure washing experts. They know exactly what techniques and methods to use so you can rest assured that your property will not be damaged. As for our chemicals, we exclusively rely on detergents that are mild and non-toxic. These chemicals take care of the job but won't harm any plants or animals you may have on the property.

Our Blog Posts

Recent Articles

blog image

The Importance Of Proper Fence Maintenance

March 29, 20233 min read

Your fence is a much-appreciated part of your property. They can protect your home and make it look good too. But with a lot of different options to choose from, it can be hard to find which one is right for you. To help you make the right decision, we will mention some important information about a couple of different kinds of fencing to help you find the right one for your property or to inform you how to best take care of the fence you already have.


Wooden fences are lovely. The wood provides a pleasing natural look that really can't be beaten. But when it comes to painting wooden fences, they can be a little bit more demanding. Wood is a natural material, so it is more likely to:

  • build up mold and algae

  • get stained

  • color fading, due to UV ray exposure

  • crack, warp, and even rot away due to weather exposure

When taken care of properly, however, your fence's beauty and health can be preserved for years to come. Regularly pressure washing your fence helps get rid of any unwanted build-up and persistent stains. Applying a coat of wood stain can help preserve the color of your fence, and using a coat of varnish can help protect against rotting and damage by weather exposure.


Metal fences are a very diverse group that come in all different materials, forms, and sizes. Each different kind of metal fence has its own pros and cons:

Wire fences

Wire fences are a very inexpensive option when it comes to fencing. Perfect for keeping pets and young children from wandering out of your backyard. And when it comes to maintenance, pressure washing is more than capable of cleaning any dirt and build-up on the fence. Most wire fences however are prone to rust. Applying some kind of rust-protecting spray should be included with the upkeep. Wire fences are also not the best option for fencing when it comes to looks, nor when it comes to security, as they can be easily climbed.

Aluminum pole fences

Aluminum fences are another option that is affordable and easy to clean. Though not as cheap as wire fences, they are virtually maintenance-free, as occasionally pressure washing is enough to get rid of any build-up and filth. The only downside is that due to how light aluminum is, it can be easily dented by something like a car hitting it with just a little bit of pressure.

Steel fences

Steel is one of the best types of fences you can get. It is durable, good-looking, and requires virtually no maintenance (just a quick pressure washing when needed). The downside is its price. Steel does not come cheap, and due to its weight, it can only be installed with the help of professionals.


Vinyl fencing boasts a lot of benefits. It is a resistant material, making it long-lasting and essentially maintenance-free. It is easy to install and comes in various price points, meaning that there will always be a vinyl fence that fits your budget. The biggest plus point of vinyl is the variety of colors and design patterns in can come in. Vinyl fences come in pretty much any color, and some even sport patterns to look like wood!


No matter what kind of fence you have, you can trust the pros to have it cleaned. Schedule a fence cleaning service today.

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